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    3. Moving to Munich: Cost of Living Photo: CC0 Public Domain

      Moving to Munich: Cost of Living

      By  Saturday, 4.6.2016, 19:37    Moving to Munich

      The Bavarian capital tops many of the countries surveys which regard overall development, quality of living, doing business, future development, quality of living, beer capital, and many more. The unfortunate consequence of all of the mentioned is that many people are drawn to Munich and the city also usually tops rankings of the cost of living in Germany. The table below shows some basic utility, transport and rental costs in Munich.


      Key Cost of Living Factors in Munich (as of July 2015)

      Electricity price 24.19 Cent/kWh
      (M-Strom Direkt plus basic charge) (Avg. cons., 1-person HH: approx. 1,500 kWh
      Avg. cons., 2-person HH: approx. 2,800 kWh
      Avg. cons., 4-person HH: approx. 4,000 kWh)
      Gas price 5.30 Cent/kWh
      (Rate: M-Erdgas Direkt plus basic charge)
      Oil price
      (Fuel oil prices are subject to significant approx. 0.60 €/ litre
      fluctuations; the price indicated is to serve
      as a reference)
      Taxi ride basic charge: € 3.50
      prices: up to 5 km: € 1.80/km
      5-10 km: € 1.60/km
      from 10 km: € 1.50/km
      Avg. Internet flat rate and telephone approx. € 30.00
      flat rate cost per month
      Avg. Price of mobile phone calls per
      minute approx. € 0.12/minute
      (Price without a fixed contract)
      Public transport costs Single ticket: € 2.70
      Monthly ticket (2 fare rings): € 51.60
      Yearly ticket (2 fare rings): € 489.00
      Average rent per month Existing apartments: 14.50 €/m2
      (IVD market report of July 2015) Newly built apartments: 16.60 €/m2

      Source: Stadtwerke München, Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH, IVD Marktbericht, Taxi München eG

      purse 1359848 960 720

      Living Expenses in Germany as Compared to Other Countries

      The second table shows the price level in Germany as compared to other countries, from Australia to the United States. The table is based on purchasing power parities and exchange rates of Mai 2014. It is to be understood as follows: goods costing 100 Euros in Germany would only cost an equivalent of 90 Euros in the US. The table is not specifically made to compare costs of living in the countries to costs of living in Munich, but it can serve as an orientation. What makes Munich more expensive to live at compared to other German cities is the rent.


      Country Cost of Living in
      Percentage of the
      German Price Level
      Australia 134
      Belgium 108
      Spain 90
      Denmark 136
      Finland 120
      France 107
      Germany 100
      Greece 84
      Great Britain 132
      Ireland 116
      New Zealand 120
      Italy 100
      Japan 103
      Canada 117
      USA 109

      Source: OECD, May 2014

      The illustration below shows the development of the costs of living in Germany. The dark green coloured part of the houses show the total apartment rent costs, while the lighter green shows energy costs in %. The chart shows the development of the power supply costs for a 3-person household. The icons show the expenditures of a 3-person household for housing, food, transport, leisure, interior, hospitality and clothing.

      infografik 942 Lebenshaltungskosten in Deutschland b

      In our other posts in the Moving to Munich category, such as Moving to Munich: Finding an Apartment and Moving to Munich: Public Transport Tickets & Passes, you'll find more Munich-specific costs.

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